In which Grandma and I swap clothes

About a month ago, a friend shared this collection of photos of young people swapping clothes with their grandparents, like this one (by Qozop):

Photographs by Qozop

Photographs by Qozop

I posted the link on Facebook with a not-subtle hint to my grandma that I thought we should steal the idea next time I was in town. Fast forward: Last night I slept over at my grandparents’ apartment and my friend Annie texted to ask if my grandma and I had swapped clothes yet.

So this morning we enlisted Grandpa as our photographer…

Grandpa the photographer

Assembled some accessories that wouldn’t be too hard to swap…

Accessories for photo shoot

And here’s the result:

Grandma and me with swapped outfits

I love it. Happy St. Patrick’s Day from the Smiths!

Final diptych photos by Charles M. Smith, Maryland, 2014


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