Visit to the pie shop

This is Crystal. She’s a teacher. On Saturday nights, she works at Dangerously Delicious Pies DC.

the bride at work (a few weeks before the wedding)

This is Eric. He’s in law school. One weekend, the folks at DDP asked if he could help Crystal (his then-fiancee) cover a shift. Now he’s on the payroll, too.

The groom at work.

They got married a few weeks ago in the pie shop. I got to photograph their wedding, with lots of help from my dad and my friend Kira. I’ll post pictures of that soon. In the meantime…can we just marvel at how awesome all of this is? I took these pictures when I went to visit Crystal and Eric at DDP a few weeks before the wedding.



Crystal, Saturday night, DDP

Dangerously Delicious DC

Definitely my sweetest assignment to date. Thanks, Eric and Crystal.


4 thoughts on “Visit to the pie shop

  1. Noooo. Let’s do THAT. Amee’s back this summer, which means it’s time to buckle down. FAs on the regular.


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