What I’ve been up to

The other day my friend Emily posted this to Facebook:

“Shared is better than perfect.” – Lisa Silverberg

Right on. In that spirit, here’s a quick, imperfect roundup of some of the things that’ve been keeping me busy in these early days of 2013:

I signed a yearlong contract with NTEN. Over the coming year, I will explore the ergonomic pros and cons of my “home office” furniture (aka the couch vs. the dining room table), enjoy my walk-down-the-hallway “commute,” and learn a LOT while I support the Nonprofit Technology Network’s Communities of Practice and Communities of Impact programs. My official title is Community Project Manager. It’s not-quite-full-time, which is perfect because it’s meant…

I’ve continued freelancing as a writer, editor, and workshop facilitator. I helped some organizations write year-end fundraising appeals; researched and drafted an original article for another; and most recently, I designed two workshops—one on leadership, one on purposeful career paths—and traveled to a conference in Berkeley, CA to facilitate them for 50+ energetic college students and recent alums.

I owe huge thanks to my friend Annie Lumerman of Generate Change for connecting me to that last opportunity. Putting the workshops together was a really fun excuse to both revisit some of my “old standby” resources (like the Idealist Guide to Nonprofit Careers and the Bonner Network training templates and the New Organizing Institute toolbox) and also test out some new ideas – in one session, I had a mini FailFaire and several students got up to share their “fails” with bravery and humor! And speaking of bravery and humor…

I’m learning how to do barrel rolls, y’all! Two nights a week I am stretching and laughing and attempting to dance with a bunch of other self-described “non-dancers” as part of Fear Experiment. If you’re in Chicago, you can come witness our public performance one night only; click here and scroll all the way down to buy tickets.

Of course, a lot of other things have been happening, from the light (including attending a live taping of Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me) to the very heavy and sad (some people I love have been grieving sudden, terrible deaths of people they loved). And of course there are a lot of hanging threads from 2012 that I want to tie up – including imperfect, unfinished blog posts with more Copenhagen wedding photos, more Sandy relief opportunities, and just…more.

But two of my friends and I got together right after New Year’s to make vision boards, and I’m finding that that single afternoon of reflection and collage-making with them helped me to feel grounded and as prepared as I can be in the middle of all of these events and intentions. Sharing is better than perfect indeed.

I hope you all are feeling optimistic about 2013, or at least fired up and ready to go. Let me know if you want to collaborate on anything.


2 thoughts on “What I’ve been up to

  1. Congrats, Julia, on the NTEN job and the dance performance! Both sound awesome. I’m feeling good about 2013 too, with new challenges like a drawing class and muay thai boxing.


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