A New York beach






This week, like too many other weeks in 2012, the news is painful and noisy – and so are the calls to action.

I head home tomorrow, and though there’s a lot to do-do-do in the coming few weeks, I want to spend them focusing as best I can on quiet reflection, on gratitude for my hometown and family and on being really present with and connected to my communities. If calls-to-action that resonate with me present themselves, I’ll respond and I’ll share them. But mostly I want the world to get ready to make some seriously peaceful and productive resolutions, and then act on them together, in 2013.

And I want to get ready myself, so I plan to post at least twelve times between now and the end of the year, in an effort to revisit and learn from some of 2012’s kinder moments, like the beach day above. Hold me to it.

Photos: 35mm film, early March 2012, near Greenport, NY.


2 thoughts on “A New York beach

  1. I like this post. It gave me something to think about. “Seriously peaceful and productive resolutions” and “learning from some of 2012’s kinder moments” especially.


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