Tiny sneak peek: Copenhagen wedding

“When this interview series is over,” I keep thinking, “what am I going to post?”

And then I remember: Photos. I have photos of our new city. I have photos of pie. I have photos of my favorite baby on the planet. And I have photos of a wedding, and Copenhagen, and a wedding in Copenhagen.

The Yellow Palace

I took so many photos on this trip – an embarrassingly high number. I’ve finished sorting and sifting through the digital ones but still have a lot of edits to make, so a preview blog post has felt out of reach. But then today I went downtown to pick up some of the film I’d dropped off.


I’m sharing a few here with zero edits, not because they’re perfect, but because I’ve got a Christmas-morning feeling about them. There were issues at the lab—namely, that it closed down, and the store I was working with had to find a new one—and a part of me feared I’d arrive today to learn about a disaster. What if the negatives were ruined? What if they were just gone?

Thankfully, they are not gone. To celebrate, here’s a little tiny slice of what I saw through my camera one month ago this week.

Last-minute run-through

Exchanging speeches and vows

Copenhagen, August 2012

From the bridge

Kim and Sigurd, thank you for your patience as I try to do justice to what really was a spectacular, photogenic, magical day. I hope you enjoy these in the meantime!


Copenhagen, August 2012, 35mm film. 


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