Five senses: “We have arrived” edition

Road trip map/collage

We have arrived
See: Cubs banner in the coffeeshop window

Smell: Freshly cleaned apartment

Hear: Rumbling of El trains overhead

Taste: First-night-in-town dinner courtesy of A’s sister and brother-in-law last night (including this chicken and these brownies)

Feel: Sun-warmed steering wheel; air mattresses while we wait for our beds to arrive

Photos: Road trip collage and map from Rachel the Magnificent; shadows under the Sheridan El tracks. Taken with my phone, July 2012.


One thought on “Five senses: “We have arrived” edition

  1. Oh my word. I just saw this! I can’t wait to take the first of pseudo road trips in just a few short weeks! So many new and cool things to look forward to. I’m so excited for my Julesie.


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