Museum of Arts and Design

"Beauty in All Things" exhibit at MAD

Museum of Arts & Design

"Glasstress New York" exhibit at MAD

"Swept Away" exhibit at MAD

I usually count on feeling pretty drained by the time I leave a big museum. Of course there are exceptions; quirky, interactive spaces like the City Museum in St. Louis or the Capital Children’s Museum of my childhood come to mind. But after a few hours staring at art or historical artifacts I’m usually grateful for a cold drink and a bench.

Not last Sunday. The Museum of Arts and Design is my new favorite. It’s not the cheapest ticket in the world, but I went last weekend and loved every exhibit. Those silvery security chain thingies up there? Those are made of glass. That floral pattern in the fourth photo? Chalk. On Sunday afternoons you can also chat with artists during open studio time on the sixth floor. I felt full and inspired and not at all oversaturated, and felt sad when I ran out of exhibits to see after two hours. Top it off with a walk in Central Park and a stop at the (small, free, Smithsonian-run) Museum of American Folk Art and you have a very (doable) bucket list-worthy NYC afternoon.

Photos: 35mm film (no edits). Museum of Arts and Design, NYC, April 2012.



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