To be fair: 12 from ’11

i'm trying!

Six days in, how’s 2012 treating you? It’s been topsyturvy here, but I’m grateful for the calendar change. A lot of bizarre and big things happened last year.

But as the wise people of The Stone House pointed out, 2011 was not without good news. And purging my phone of old photos is a reminder that my everydays were full of bright spots. Here are a dozen.

To be fair to 2011, there were many more.


Boston 2011

The Language of Color exhibit

open closed door


kiss my tulips


i love my life!


people's pops

cookbook cover?





I hope you get some nice reflection time in this weekend, especially if you didn’t have a chance last week.


All photos taken with my phone in Brooklyn, except 3 (Boston Common), 4 (“The Language of Color” exhibit at Harvard Museum of Natural History), 5 (not too far from Toscanini’s, Boston), and 10 (Madison Square, Manhattan).


2 thoughts on “To be fair: 12 from ’11

  1. Thanks for the reminder that not everything about 2011 was bad. :) I especially love the photo of carrots, and that might be the cutest photo of Anne I’ve ever seen. :)

  2. I love your blog! Surprised there were no pix from Ecuador though.
    Love, Yo Mommma
    Oooh, when I clicked on my name the name of my not-yet-in-existance blog came up! I must get aMusing!


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