Wishes I’d make today, if I were superstitious:

  • Tomorrow I’m photographing a wedding along with my friends Val and Annie. I wish for calm, fun, focus, fresh batteries, and lots of sparkles during the “Born this Way” finale.
  • This week a couple of my NYC worlds in a way that was uncomfortable and upsetting. Tomorrow my people are meeting to talk about how best to channel our anger and letdown into meaningful action. I wish for clarity of purpose, humor and perspective, and allies.
  • Tomorrow my Grandma will appear onstage for the first time since high school, in a staged reading. Yesterday I watched a dress rehearsal. All of the actresses delivered their lines with relish; none tried to ham it up too much or steal the show. I wish for them working microphones, an appreciative audience, and a smashing cast party.

Photos: Cheverly backyard, 11.11.11.

November blog post count: 5.



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