Stick Fly

When it comes to family…you’re STUCK.

That’s the tagline of the new play Stick Fly, which premieres on Broadway in a few weeks. On Wednesday, my friends and I went to The Greene Space to see Terrance McKnight interview playwright Lydia Diamond, director Kenny Leon, and the cast. You can see a video of the event here. (You won’t be breathing the same air as Dule Hill and Tracie Thoms—what was that I said earlier about this being National BRAG Posting Month?—but you can do that if you buy tickets to the show!)

As Colorlines and the New York Times noted, this season marks the first time Broadway will simultaneously mount three shows by black women playwrights (and five Broadway plays total this fall will be penned by women, according to Women and Hollywood). Hearing Lydia Diamond speak about how it feels to revise her work and to see the revisions come alive in the hands of actors “at the top of their game” was a highlight of the evening – and the actors and director gushed about the material in return. They couldn’t give away plot secrets, which meant they used words like “universal” and “complicated” and “funny” over and over. But somehow no one seemed to mind – we all just left wanting to hustle and buy our tickets.

So who else is going? Let’s debrief after.

art direction

Photo: some of the family I’m “stuck” with (July 2011).

November post count: 2.



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