Long shots

Just a few things that have energized me lately:

1. Longshot Magazine. A bunch of people got together and used a bunch of free or cheap online tools and made a magazine in 48 hours – with submissions from people around the world.

This issue, their third, is about debt. I ordered a copy and can’t wait to dive in.

2. After taking a class through SpeakeasyDC, my mom is writing daily. I’m considering calling her every night for a bedtime story.

3. On very short notice, 826DC set out to raise $4,130 over the last five days of July (that’s $826 per day). With the help of our community, we breezed past that mark and raised $4,721.46. I have a hunch that some of the kind readers of this blog helped make it happen. Thank you.

Photos: NYC skyline from Astoria park (summer 2010); my mom (summer 2011); wheel at the 826DC Museum of Unnatural History (fall 2010).


4 thoughts on “Long shots

  1. What a wonderful Blog. I was just searching the net and found this site with these beautiful picture. You are so talented.

    Love, UK

  2. Careful what you say…you just might see vacation photos of yourself up here one day soon!

    p.s. When I opened the email alerting me to this comment, I saw “UK” and thought the entire United Kingdom had sent me a shout-out. It’s much better coming from you, Uncle Kenny. Hugs from BK to Pgh.

  3. rachel pitkin says that one day she’s going to have to have that foto of astoria park framed above an antiquish piece of furniture in a cozy room that julia c. smith will frequent and sleep to dream in from time to time. because, like many others, she does believe she experienced many “new york cities,” this one was undoubtedly a certain kind of favorite…


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